Taco. Taco.
Oh how good you are to me.
Taco. Taco.
What with your savory juices and meat.
Taco. Taco.
I hope I got a lot of limes.
Taco. Taco.
You make my life better — all the time.

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Twas once a young lad named Pete,

who fancied the girl down the street.

And though he was shy,

he did catch her eye.

Oh! how life can be sweet.

"But wait," the lady suggested.

"Although I am surely tempted;

before we undress,

I think it’d be best

if you and I go get tested.”

And being…

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"I do not feel good
I’ve got the sad sads
all I want to do is
fuck you."

-Charles Bukowski, Somebody (via theunquotables)
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I am


I am getting worse each day…
I can’t stop thinking about cutting
I keep letting anxiety control me
I keep letting my depression win
I feel my tender and scarred skin
I hear the voices in my head
I am slowly dying in the inside
I can’t promise I’ll be okay
I keep wanting to cut
I keep telling myself no
I feel myself losing to my mind
I hear the sound of my heart pumping
I am a deeply depressed person

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"I left it up to you, to text me first, to start the conversation. I waited all night, but I never crossed your mind."

-Me (via unknown-footsteps)
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I am so exhausted with life in general.

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if you ignore my texts i’ll just assume you hate me

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"Everyone has a 2 AM and a 2 PM personality."

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